Hostiles – the top notch Western movie that’s long overdue

They don’t make good Western movie like they used to. I am not one to wax nostalgic about how good old western movies were because we have seen we have had our share of modern western that is actually better than their old school counterparts due to better editing, punchier scripts, and overall better acted by the casts. I want to make a case about how far and few in between years that Hollywood churn out these modern western in diminishing frequency. That’s when a great western movie like Hostiles finally arrives to your neighborhood arthouse, it is cause for celebration.
Once again Christian Bale prove that he is one of the finest actor in his generation and Rosamund Pike showed that her breakthrough role in Gone Girl where she get a chance to show her talent chops is no fluke. I can see Rosamund get nominated for the Oscar in 2018 for her role as the Rosalie Quaid, the frontier woman who was dealt a bad card throughout this movie.
As you can probably sense in it’s trailer, this movie is filled with acting tour de force from the cast with a good dose of suspense and edge of your seat show down that come fast and furious.
Quite appropriate viewing material with your friends and family as a brief escape from the crowd at hoome between the Christmas present opening gathering and Christmas dinner.