Insidious: The Last Key – first horror feature of 2018

I went into this latest Insidious installment with much trepidation in terms of the scare factors because if past experience had attested, by the fourth installment of any movie, the quality of story-line and scariness had ran out of steam. Case in point: The Saw franchise.  Well, I have to say this movie moves like molasses and distractingly jumps back and forth from past to present (the 1990s) which at some parts really kill the momentum of the movie. It finally linked it’s storyline to the first Insidious movie which usher the Insidious Universe full circle.
I wouldn’t say this is a bad movie but definitely not the strongest offering in the Insidious Universe.
There are obviously a few jump-off-your-seat moments, which is why you go see this movies in the first place. Nowadays, the horror filmmakers have been adopting the oft-used misdirection trick to play with the audiences’ expectation in scary moments to make them jump off their seats, and that’s what happened with scary scenes in this movie. I hope the Insidious Universe will come up with some good story lines in it’s future offerings because I thought the original movie is really good and a genuine scare-fest.