A lumbering paced Annihilation with a sprinkling of ultra-violence

There are some genuine jump-out-of-your-seat moment tucked between the boring flashbacks and the lumbering pace of this movie. The ultra gore scenes lends cool cred to this movie, elevating it above other medium budgeted sci-fi flicks with a boring story that goes nowhere.
Unfortunately, mis-casting in this movie sunk it for me.
A slow lumbering paced movie filled with hypnotic visual such as this need a worthy lead that you can’t take your eyes off to anchor the storyline and keep it exciting to watch throughout.
I constantly thought; “wouldn’t that be nice if so and so is in this role instead of the actor/actress shown on screen?”
This thought persist inside my head throughout the movie. I kept visualizing other actress in the Natalie Portman role and wonder if that will improve on the movie. The same goes with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, and Gina Rodriguez. The only person whom I thought was perfect in his role is Oscar Isaac. His stoic, dead-eyed character made me want to find out what happened to him and tumble into the rabbit hole that is this movie’s narrative thread.
The third act will really trip you out if you watch it under the influence of some mind-altering drugs. It’s the pivotal scene you have been waiting for and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, in order to get there, u have to suffer through the boring flashbacks that grind the movie to a halt every time they came on screen.
One last parting thought; is the actor Benedict Wong in his HAZMAT suit that likened him to the Michelin Man supposed to be the sole comic relief visual cue in this movie?