Flower is a breath of fresh air in it’s frank teenage portrayal, but it’s not for everyone

Some people go into Flower expecting to watch a movie like JUNO, a little fresh slang comedy with some heart. But this is nothing near like that and it put off some audiences. Someone even describe it as toxic based on the , deviant, delinquent and overtly sexual behavior portrayed by the characters in the movie. I have to disagree because this is how many real teenagers think and talk when they are among peers. Just because someone do not like to watch these types of kid behave doesn’t mean they do not exist.
I thought this movie’s storyline has much more plausibility than THOROUGHBRED, the other teenage movie that has also currently released in cinema. But more about THOROUGHBRED in my other review of that movie.
I have to note that this is a refreshingly original movie although the third act of the movie is an acquired taste that is not to everyone’s liking but I thought it shouldn’t go any other way or otherwise it will be a very uneven movie tonally.
Zoey Deutch, much like Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy from THOROUGHBREDS, are the best actresses in their generation of young talented actresses.
I am excited to see the roles she will choose down the line in her career and crossing my fingers that she won’t go Lindsay Lohan on us.