7 days in Entebbe – An exciting movie that’s anything but…

The formula to this movie seems to be fool proof on the surface.
A great award-winner director (José Padilha) who directed the crackling Brazilian flicks Elite Squad and it’s sequel who also direct Netflix’s Narcos, top notch European actors who are critic’s darlings, and a fire cracker premise of international hijacking that goes down in history as the most daring hostage rescue effort ever attempted.
Yet the resulted movie is a ponderous flick with many unnecessary scenes that grind the movie to a halt anytime it start to get remotely interesting. I think this has a lot to do with a terrible editor at the helm but ultimately, the decision sits on the lap of the director himself.
One can argue that this is a thoughtful, smart person’s action movie with historical context.
Unfortunately, that argument lost it’s relevancy when you bring up one of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, MUNICH. That’s when you see the difference, where a similarly themed material being directed by an experienced and talented visual story teller.
There was not a single dull moment in Munich, while it is almost the other way around, in the case of  “7 days in Entebbe”. The final rescue scene, which is suppose to be the climax action scene in the ENTIRE movie, was directed, acted and edited so terribly that it practically ruined the entire movie.