A Quiet Place – a master class in original terror story telling

Get ready for a super suspenseful and original movie going experience. You have already seen the trailer and know the set up to this movie. What you don’t realize is, how faithful this movie adhere to it’s concept of “be quiet or be killed”. There are only roughly 5% of vocal dialogue taken place in this movie, the rest of the conversations were carried out in the form of sign language accompanied by subtitle translations for the audiences to understand. That doesn’t mean this movie have no sound whatsoever. Far from it. The silent sequences will only amplify whatever sound that come thereafter. And boy, they are loud and gnarly. The more to accentuate the savagery of the monsters preying on this poor family. John Krasinski and his four other writer collaborators hit a gold mind of a concept with this original yet very suspenseful script. The perfect casts also add to the greatness of this movie. I was on the edge of my seat from the opening title all the way to it’s end credit. There was not a light moment even when the movie loosen up slightly on a couple of scenes. You will always be reminded with foreboding sense of the fast and deadly creatures waiting around the corner to pounce on these defenseless, adorable family.
It’s about time we are being treated with something as original and suspenseful as A Quiet Place.
This movie is also a testament that you don’t need big budget to make a high quality, suspenseful and original movie.