Ready Player One is Spielberg back in top form.

The IMAX 3D cinematic experience is made for movie like Ready Player One. The sound and visual in this movie can only be fully experience in such an movie-viewing environment. I was a little leery in watching this movie after seeing the trailer with it’s cartoony special effect in the VR scene. My doubt evaporated once  I saw the final, properly rendered scenes in the movie. It was a straight up mind blowing experience. The CGI visual of the VR world was much better than Avatar, and rightly so, due to the advancement in CGI tech since the release of Avatar.
Spielberg is once again back to his thrilling cinematic narrative styling, but this time with the new millenial audiences in his mind. Older movie goers will not be left out either, and they will be fanboy-ing so hard once they see their favorite childhood characters from the early ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s came to live on screen and battling each other in the VR world.
This must have been a very expensive movie to make just from the licensing stand point alone. The studio have to get clearance from so many licensing companies to let Ready Player One use all these iconic characters in the movie. The end result is a satisfying romp through memory lane with familiar characters wrapped in a thrilling suspenseful adventure that only Spielberg know how to do best. I didn’t mind that 80% of the movie take place in the VR world because that’s where all the break neck actions in this film take place.