The Strangers: Prey at night is a worthy follow up to the original

Although not as creepy and chilling as the original, this second installment is still much better than many other horror offerings that came out since the beginning of 2017, Annabelle: Origin excluded.
This time around though, the movie veer towards a more sadistic and gorier tone. The terror is still there but the suspenseful cat and mouse felt less intense than it’s superior predecessor. To the audiences who are jumpy, this movie will give you a few worthy jolts. It’s a lean, mean 85 minutes (counting the end credit time run) thrill ride through it’s terror-tinged atmosphere. If you are craving some creepy, fright-inducing experience, this movie will do the trick for you. The movie tried to keep it’s ending a little open-ended but I think this franchise has run it’s course by the end of this installment.