Unsane – Another Soderbergh underrated gem, Shot entirely on Iphone 7 Plus

The problem with microbudget  hollywood film is that no matter how good the movie is, almost no one will pay attention to it if there is no aggressive marketing is launched behind the movie itself.
Soderbergh, the ever champ of maverick indie movie maker, took the spirit of independent film making to another level by shooting this film entirely on Iphone 7 Plus. I did not realize this until AFTER I watched the movie and I can attest that even though some in some scenes, the shadow tone of the footage have no data and looked pitch dark, the movie itself in it’s entirety, look very good and kept it’s color and grain tonality very consistent throughout.
This is another prime example that a good movie is made from a good script and terrific acting. Shot in just 10 days and cost a measly 1.2 Millions, this movie is sure suspenseful and entertaining with it’s interesting final scene that open the movie to an interpretation from the audience.
I think this movie is worth checking just for those amazing facts alone. And the movie is actually good is totally icing on the cake. Claire Foy plaedy against type as a woman who might or might not be unstable who accidentally, and involuntarily got commited to a psychiatric institution where she might or might not saw  a stalker from her past currently working in said institution. It’s a suspenseful and mind bending flick that is worth a trip to your local multiplex or arthouse cinema for.
The story is in part a testament to the shitty healthcare system and insurance scam perpetrated by insurance-contracted psychiatric hospitals, and in another part, a suspenseful psychotic killer thriller.