Rampage is a good ol’ fashion creature feature fun

Say what you will about Dwayne Johnson, he is now the reigning king of blockbuster movie. This era’s Sly Stallone and Arnold rolled together. Coming off another hot streak of Jumanzi 2, he yet again about to embark on another blockbuster movie event with Rampage.
This movie is undeniably Hollywood big event movie in it’s essence. But it also a modern re-invention of the creature feature B-movie with a big star and infinitely more advanced CGI monsters in the movie. There are so many implausible situations and moments that defy logics that took place in this movie but then again, you are watching a movie about a gigantic albino gorilla along with a monster Crocs with the flying wolf, ganged up to completely destroy the city of Chicago. Logic is the last thing you should lodge in your brain when you walk into this movie and the fun of it is to just go along with the ride and suspend your disbelief throughout the duration of the film. Once you do that, this movie is just a fun and immensely entertaining creature feature flick.