Beirut – another slow, “Intelligent” Hollywood Thriller

Prior to writing this review, I noticed many negative reviews for this movie in IMDB with reasons ranging from historical inaccuracy, based on fictional civil war events taking place in Beirut between the 70’s and 80’s, to how the location look nothing like the actual Beirut in that era.
I find those are unfair reason to hate on this movie. Those harsh reviews did not disclose the fact that this movie NEVER claimed to be based on any actual real-world events. It is a pure work of fiction, much like the Jason Bourne franchise. The story teller can take liberties in the story line by aligning it with real world event and employ fictional characters to populate the story they are telling for faux authenticity .
The fact that the movie were not shot in the actual city of Beirut is also not a logical argument to hate on the movie as well.
There is no way the filmmakers can shoot in a volatile location like the present day Beirut, plus it will not look like the old Beirut anyway. We are not talking about a movie that take place in present day like those Bourne franchise where the filmmakers can actually shoot in whichever countries the character travelled to in the script.
Having debunked all those negative reviews in IMDB, I have to relunctantly concurred with some of the reviewers that this is not an excellent spy movie. It is a decent international thriller that took place in the nostalgic middle east locale.
I will go so far as to say this movie is a tad better and more entertaining than A MOST WANTED MAN. It has an exciting and very promising first 15 minutes and there is some interesting and suspenseful action sequence in the third act. But I would trim about 20 minutes of the slow parts in the middle from this movie to make it move along faster.  John Hamm and Rosamund Pike are terrific in their roles. They made this movie watchable despite the lumbering script through the midway of the movie.  If you want a chill weekend at the movie, this movie fits the bill nicely. If you are looking for a bang up fun ride of a movie, Rampage is more your speed.