Gemini – a lite thriller

Gemini look and feel like a movie made by a film student who have watched that movie DRIVE (starring Ryan Gosling)  on repeat and then rustled up some financing from rich friends and family to shoot something with a similar color palette minus the coolness and foreboding sense of DRIVE. It’s like a diet coke version of  Drive. On top of that, the dialogue between the two main characters in the first half of the movie nearly put me to sleep. I never feel invested in a single character in this movie because it feels like a final graduating movie project of a film student. The only exception is that there are two B list celebrities starring in the supporting roles. By the end of the movie, when the semi-big twist was revealed, I had lost any remaining interest in the movie and secretly checking the time on my smartphone while try not to blast my fellow movie goers with my phone’s brightness. Not that there are anyone near me in the 10 seat radius since there were a total 4 people (including me) watching this movie on the screening I was in.
Some might see this post as a diss to student-made movies. It is not. I have no issue with student films. We all have to start somewhere, right? I have seen some truly exceptional movies by film school students using genius scripts filled with clever dialogues and zero Hollywood stars. I fully supported great work made by talented artists. It’s just that this is not one of them.