Truth or Dare – cliché ridden but watchable

This movie faithfully follow the terrorized-teen movie template originated by SCREAM back in December 1996 which cast good looking young actors and actresses to fill in all the stereotypical teen characters, from the douche-y jock to bitchy cheerleader types. It also follow the story breakdown of teens fell into a curse-trap, teens started dying, teens looking for origin of problem, teens trying to get out of the curse, the end.
However, there is a reason Hollywood keep churning out these teen terror movie because it is cheap to make (aka profitable: it had made a profit of 5 times the original budget in the opening weekend alone!) and the is an built-in audience for this type of genre. It’s also quite entertaining to watch when you don’t have anything else to do and just splay out on your multiplex reclining seat and zone out on this movie for an hour and 40 minutes. The eye candies on the big screen help making this movie watchable and the speedy storytelling pace also keep it from being boring.
All in all, I get what I wanted from this movie. An entertaining teen slasher with good looking casts.