Ghost Stories – the brain sees what it wants to see

That was the tagline to the movie when it was released in the UK . It even went so far as to deliberately misspelled the title of the movie as “Ghost Storeis” in all the pre-release publicity media. It is indeed an unusual small budget british import. The script and editing provide a clever set up to tell an anthology of ghost stories in one movie.
It started as a skeptic vs supernatural movie, a guy whose life work is to go around the country to debunk all the people who claim to be clairvoyants or believe in the paranormal. The story get very interesting when he was given 3 cases to prove him wrong on his skepticism by another skeptic who was thought to have been missing or dead. The movie have a very strong sense of dread and dark moodiness. A few jump off your seat moments and a big reveal at the end. Overall a very worthy movie to watch by horror fan for it’s originality, good storytelling, and impeccable acting among it’s top notch casts.