Avengers : Infinity War – No spoilers here

If there is a movie that is completely review-proof, this is it! No matter what the reviews were given to this movie, the faithful fans, who have invested a decade’s worth of their time into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will simply shrugged them off and gladly give their money at the box office to watch their fave super heroes battle it out on the big screen, again. And rightly so because up until now, every single MCU movie has been very entertaining to watch. This grand opus is no exception. Two and a half hours passed by real fast because you will be totally engrossed in the coherent story telling and light comedic banters among the characters in the movie.
Fortunately, all those predictions on the web about who’s going to be eliminated from the cast by killing off their characters were all wrong, or should I say, way off. I am referring to the online articles and youtube clip that I had seen prior to watching the actual movie.
By the end of the movie, I couldn’t wish for the part 2 of infinity war to arrive in the cinemas fast enough. I walked out of the cinema with a sinking feeling, realizing that I have to carry in my mind the shocking ending to this movie for exactly one full year before I find out the conclusion to this infinity gauntlet storyline.
P.S.: Here’s a little public service announcement – stay for the one crucial extra scene post end-credit. It’s an important clue that sets up the sequel to this grand opus.