The Devil and Father Amorth – the exorcism documentary by director of The Exorcist

Why does this documentary on exorcism different from all the other similar themed documentaries out there?
Well, for once, it is directed by the legendary director William Friedkin, who directed the horror classic THE EXORCIST, The French Connection, and To Live and Die in LA.
He started  the documentary by admitting that he never actually attended any live exorcism up until this documentary is made. He interviewed Father Amorth, who is the Vatican sanctioned priest to perform the Exorcism rituals, for another project. At the end of the interview, William asked if he can record an actual exorcism. After a period of time had passed, Father Amorth reached out to William and agreed to the request, provided the director attend the ritual in person with no other film crew.
And this documentary is born.
Throughout this documentary, there are interesting interviews with William Peter Blatty, the author of the book The Exorcist, and other people in the medical and psychiatric community. But the real reason people come to see this movie is the footage of the actual exorcism ritual being performed on an obsessed person. And boy will the audience’s wishes be handsomely rewarded. The close up framing of the ritual was fascinating yet uncomfortable to watch. Afterwards, the director went around the world showing the exorcism footage to see if anyone from the scientific and medical communities can debunk the ritual as a put-on hoax by the ‘possessed’ person. Then there is an aftermath following the ritual that threw a curve ball that almost prevent this documentary from existing. Overall, it’s an interesting documentary film made by someone who throughout his career have been shadowed by the very subject he made into a classic horror cinema. If you are a horror fan, this is a documentary you can not pass up.