Bad Samaritan – is there such a thing?

A week after The Avengers : Infinity War dominated the box office, this little movie and a couple of other small new releases open in cinema tomorrow with an attempt to perform counter programming marketing to take on the champion of last week’s box office. I don’t see that happening but I admire their marketing prescience.
Now, back to Bad Samaritan, this movie have great synopsis for a thriller but sounded like a story concept that had been done before in other movies. I figured I’ll gave it a chance and went anyway, hoping that it will rise above my low expectation and blow my mind with the execution to the synopsis in celluloid. Add to my curiosity was someone I knew went to the advance screening earlier this week and informed me that this movie is more suspenseful and better than one of my favorite suspense thriller from 2016 (more on that later).

After seeing it, I have to say, The movie is not boring and keep my attention throughout up until the last ten minutes, where it turned formulaic for the sake of prolonging the suspense. You’d know what I mean when you watch it. That typical Hollywood cliché where instead of instantly killing the protagonist, the villain will give an on-and-on speech justifying his/her bad deeds and how he/she is going to dispatch the victim while the victim was looking for a way to escape. That’s when this movie took me out of it’s edge-of-your-seat hold and made me realize it finally turned into another run of the mill suspense-themed movie.

David Tennant did a good job playing a psychotic guy who project chilling stare that can pierce your soul. You have seen him done this in the first season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. I wish this could be another precious find of a suspense film but sadly, it’s just a so so movie. Not entirely bad, but not wholly original either And oh, my favorite suspense thriller with similar plot line that I mentioned in above paragraph,  was Don’t Breathe, which I had reviewed here in the past. Don’t Breathe possessed a close-to-perfect script for a modern suspense thriller with an immaculately plotted story set up, very well acted by all involved, and cranked up the suspense like no other modern movies with similar home invasion theme.
One final note, this movie is directed Dean Devlin, the same director who did Geo Storm, Independence Day 2, and the upcoming Independence Day 3. When it come to powerful movie producer/director, it doesn’t get any more Hollywood royalty than this gentleman.