Racer and The Jailbird – a crime drama, emphasis on “drama”

I love the first collaboration between Matthias Schoenaerts and Michael R Roskam, Bullhead. So I jumped at the chance to watch this new collab between the two of them again. The movie is split into three acts, the first one is dedicated for GiGi, Matthias’ character as the so-called “Jailbird” in the title. The second act focus on Didi, the “Racer” in the title. And the last act is titled “No Flowers”, which you are already clued-in if you get that far into the movie. All the action took place in the first act, the second act was the melodrama part and the third act was the devastating culmination to this movie. If the female lead look familiar, it’s because she is Adèle Exarchopoulos, the sexy actress from Blue is The Warmest Color. Both leads had great chemistry which is crucial in a movie that mainly focused on them. If you want to watch a crime drama unlike anything you’ve seen coming out of Hollywood, this is a movie for you. especially if you love foreign movies and don’t mind reading subtitles.