The Cleanse – short and strange

Originally titled The Master Cleanse when it first screened at SXSW in 2016, this movie had now been re-titled just as The Cleanse. The genre almost beyond categorization because it has dry humor, atmospherically shot, and sure, there are horror aspects in it as well. But most of all though, the movie ask the question of how far would you go to shed your inner demons? I have never watched Johnny Galecki’s tv show The Big Bang Theory  and don’t know much about him but he is perfectly cast here as Paul. His expressive face provide the comic relief in the diner scene at the opening of the movie. Anna Friel look beautiful as Maggie, the mysterious girl who got herself accepted into the cleanse program when the audiences were clued in early on that she bluffed her way in. We all get to find out her real reason why in a pivotal scene later down the line.
The cinematography and pacing were impeccable and all the actors/actresses did a good job here. What transpired in the retreat compound morphed from one of curiosity to the macabre, and climaxed with a harrowing ending. This movie is a lean mean 70 minutes long plus the 10 minutes jn end credit. I screened this movie in the cinema but realized, upon returning home, that this movie can actually be ordered on Amazon Prime to be watched in the comfort of your living room or bedroom.