First Reformed – it’s good, it’s very good

First Reformed is a slow burn movie filled with dark, sarcastic humor that ignited into a bornfire at the end of the movie. I don’t recommend reading the review of this movie at all. Just go see it and be in awe when you walked out of the cinema.

The movie was beautifully shot with first class cinematography and top notch color grading. Ethan Hawke’s acting was Oscar caliber. Where the story take you though, is something else entirely. Don’t give up on the film because it was very slow in the first half hour and seemed like the movie was filled with idle conversation and there would be no pay off in the end. If you sit through it, you will be taken to a remarkable journey that will shock and awe you.

This is another good example that you don’t need big budget to create a great film. First Reformed was shot for a meager $2 million and completed in just 20 days. Shot in square format by director Paul Schrader, who wrote Deniro’s classic Taxi Driver, this is a lean, mean independent filmmaking at it’s best. In art house cinemas near you on May 18th.