Dead Pool 2 – redefines action comedy,…again

Only a superhero movie can be labelled “slightly underperforming” when it just killed at the box office with $125 million ticket sale. This is no chump change for any other genre. Made with double the budget of the original installment, this sequel amp up in the CGI, action sequences, and on the laughs. The comedy start at the opening scene with wolverine, erm, Logan’s death action figure and continue on throughout the movie. You’d be howling with laughter by the time end credit roll, which is where the funniest scene is. This movie is heavy on cameos. Including the miss-if-u-blink appearance by Brad Pitt,  who was originally offered the role of Cable which eventually went to Josh Brolin. And another even-briefer appearance of Matt Damon in full disguise as a red neck character. It can also claim to be the last MCU movie featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.