Mary Shelley – the making of a literary masterpiece

This movie tell the trials and tribulations of Mary Shelley’s life that led her to write one of literacy’s masterpiece, Frankenstein. The movie also pointed out that the story of Frankenstein was not about the making of a monster but a tale of loneliness and alienation. Elle Fanning is simply hypnotic to watch as Mary Shelley. She carried this whole movie on her shoulder. Without her, Mary Shelley would be unwatchable. Thankfully, she is practically in every scene of the movie.
The movie slowly led us to that fabled meeting at Lord Byron’s estate where Lord Byron, to fend off boredom among his guests, proposed a horror story writing competition among his guests. From that meeting, the seed to Frankenstein was planted. So did the seed to Vampyre, which was the brainchild of the physician John Polidori. It’s ironic that the idea to the story of vampire were dismissed by Lord Byron who then turned around and stole it from Polidori, and published the book under Lord Byron’s name. Another eye opening revelation was the fact that how young they all were when they wrote these books. These literary legends had gone through a life time of drama and agony by the time they were in their early 20s. Mary herself lost three children before she reached 22 but only one loss was depicted in this movie.
This is one of those typical slow British period movie starring very attractive young casts. Although it won’t win any Oscar nominations, it’s interesting to watch a story about how Frankenstein’s story was influenced by the life circumstances of Mary Shelley during her teenage years.