Hereditary – prepare for a 2 hour creep-out

Love it or hate it, your eyes will be glued to the screen from beginning to the end. True horror fans long for movies like this. It is strange, intense, and super creepy. The trailer to this movie tease the weird flashes from the movie but nothing will prepare anyone for the third act. Toni Colette should get an Oscar just from the nervous energy she projected throughout the movie as the character Annie. Although made in deliberate slow pacing, this movie did not waste time to get strange and creepy from the get go. It plunged the viewers into the abyss of weirdness with truly disturbing scenes sprinkled here and there that culminated with an all-out long, disturbing scene.
Many people walked out of this movie during my screening with either love or hate comments. Many people who are not horror fans thought this movie sucks but to the few horror movie connoisseurs, this is a gem that only comes along once in a blue moon and I am thankful it actually get made. To those who thought this movie did not make sense,  it’s really a more in-your-face version of Rosemary’s Baby with a twist. Why can’t you get that into your head when you try to make sense of the storyline? To the ones who loved it, this movie get a full on, five star ratings from me too.