Hotel Artemis, why did this movie even get made?

As if someone watched John Wick and thought they can do something with the concept of The Continental in John Wick, and turn it into a neutral, run-down, members’ only criminal hospital as a movie concept. That’s Hotel Artemis in the nutshell. But adding big name stars playing characters with hardly any back stories that do not connect with the audiences won’t make it entertaining. I fell asleep in many instances throughout the movie due to it’s boring, cliche-ridden dialogues and the fake sense of urgency in scenes throughout the movie. I was ready to walked out half an hour into the movie but figured I gave it a chance. That was a bad decision because the storyline never improved. By the time the battle scene took place in the third act, the only cool scene in the entire movie where Sofia Boutella kick ass Matrix style, it had already been too late to salvage this mediocre movie. It’s an example of how great actors/actresses can not save a messy script and an unfocus director. And please remove annoying characters that do not serve the movie whatsoever, like the role played by Charlie Day. That character single handedly ruined the entire movie.