Gotti – a loving portrayal

This is the Gotti family approved bio pic so it’s a loving portrayal of  tough guy Gotti and it underplay the crimes he committed and the killing he ordered throughout his life as the mob boss. Sammy “The Bull” Gravano’s character in this movie was reduced into a minor bit role because he was so hated by the family. There are really no added new information in this movie that you have not read or saw in the tv documentary or the 1996 made-for-tv biopic starring Armand Assante. The only updated info is the close relationship between Gotti Jr and his father and the battle John Gotti Jr had to endure for over a decade to clear his name from his association with “The Family”.
This movie is directed by Kevin Connoly, who played Eric Murphy in the HBO “Entourage”. Travolta single handedly made this movie watchable and somewhat entertaining. It will be a terribly boring flick without him as Gotti.