Spiral – the rapid rise of antisemitism

I was hoping this documentary will be a good one judging on the rather exciting trailer. The documentary focus on the rapid rise of antisemitism in France and the ripple effect felt in Israel where many Jews relocated to the promised land after leaving the increasingly unsafe cities in Paris. This documentary focused on about five group of characters from both sides of the spectrum to gage what they think about the anti semitism movement and what their action are in dealing with it. I was hoping for something interesting to come up from such an incendiary subject matter but I was rather disappointed in the end. This turned out to be a subpar documentary given the powder keg subject matter it is tackling. The pacing was sluggish and subjects the documentary was following were not very interesting, and the movie offers neither a solution nor a somewhat satisfying conclusion. It just present the situation to the viewers and leave us hanging with nothing  to offer. It also doesn’t help that the footage were shot back in 2015 so by now most people are already aware of the antisemitism movement that has spread beyond France and morphed into a much bigger problem with no solution in sight.