Sicario: Day of the Soldado – a worthy successor to the first movie

You might come out of this movie trying to compare it with the first Sicario, which is a very tough act to follow to begin with. Let me just lay it out for you right now. This is a different movie from the first in which the story is  another chapter in the life of Matt Graver, played by Josh Brolin. Matt was bound by duty to take on a rogue assignment which prompted him to re-hire the elusive Alejandro because he know of Alejandro will take on the assignment due to his hatred in the Mexican Cartel. The story expanded from there to touch on the Somali pirates, the Middle East terrorists and the business of human trafficking that the Mexican cartel has turned their focus on for bigger profit. You will immediately get the feel of familiarity when you see shots of low flying black hawk helicopters and the speeding humvees down the mexican border check point. I find this sequel more savage in terms of the shoot outs and it went to a darker place than the first one, story wise. It is not better than the first installment but it’s not worse than that either.  It’s simply another chapter of the Sicario trilogy. The movie also set up the third chapter in the Sicario universe with it’s ending.