Leave No Trace – quiet, powerful and immensely watchable

If you like Winter’s Bone, the film that launched the career of Jennifer Lawrence, you will be spellbound by Leave No Trace. The movie unfold in that quiet yet beautiful cinematography with crisp background environmental sound effect that instantly pull you into the life of this father and daughter who has been living off the grid and constantly practice their evasive maneuver drill to avoid being spotted and caught by the park rangers and police because they had been living in the public land, which apparently is against the law. Just like Winter’s Bone, director Debra Granik has the knack in turning someone’s daily mundane acts into engaging scenes. Along the way, this movie drew you into the lives of the characters whose daily routines few can relate and even less had experienced. This is the kind of slow movie that is immensely watchable and strangely, never boring.