Ant-Man and the Wasp – another fun ride courtesy of MCU

If you have seen the first Ant-man, you already know the tone of this particular franchise that’s differ from the rest of the series in the MCU. This franchise is more like a heist/mission movie. This installment is no differ except the CGI and set pieces are bigger plus the laughs are also more plentiful. Michael Pena is hilarious as ever as the blabber mouth sidekick of Scott Lang. The addition of The Wasp and The Ghost as the villain in this installment is a great way to kick up the action in the movie. As far as extra scenes at end credit go, there are two of them. I would recommend staying for the first end credit because it answer the question of where ant man was during the Infinity War incident. I am not sure the second extra scene is worth sticking around for though.