Skyscraper – is as ridiculous and as fun as it look

Full disclosure, this is a movie made by Dwayne Johnson for the fans of Dwayne Johnson, which is legion of them, so it is sure to make a lot of money. Therefore, the studio is not afraid to double down on the special effects to match the outlandish scenes in the script. The hero climb 7 story crane scaffolding to get to the top? Sure. The hero jump from the crane to one of the window at the building across that is one city street wide in distance? Let’s make it possible. The hero walk on a high wire act tip toe-ing the narrow edge of the 96th floor on a 220 floor building? Why not? Skyscraper is full of audience cheer-baiting moments and the audiences really fell for it. During the screening I was attending, I counted 6 large clap-cheer moments when Mr Johnson performed implausible, heroic acts in the movie. We are talking about the kind of cheers reserved for circus performances. Made mo mistake, this movie is zippy and gave the audiences exactly what they want in a movie like this. On that count, this is mission accomplished. I don’t think you want to bring your logical hat into this movie because you will be too busy thinking about how implausible all the big action set pieces are. Don’t even get me started with all predictable set up at the beginning of the movie for to be used later in the climax showdown scene. You have probably noticed it if you saw the trailer, but in case you did not see the trailer, Dwayne Johnson’s character did all that stunt defying scenes as a one legged handicapped hero. Not to undermine our handicapped fellow citizen, but you need to really suspend your disbelieve to enjoy Skycraper. If you do, you will be greatly rewarded and came out wholly entertained.