Whitney – A must see documentary for all

How much do you really know about the private life of singer Whitney Houston? You’d probably heard about the rumors of her sexual freedom, her drug use, her problematic marriage, and her lawsuit with her family. Well, all that will be answered and acknowledged in this documentary. The director, Kevin Macdonald, cut through so many footage that he deemed banal and uninteresting to really streamlined the documentary with only the most important interviews that would shed light into Whitney’s private life from her ascend to her fall from grace. The final result is one of the most engrossing, watchable, and compelling documentary on a modern artist that will leave you haunted and sympathized with the life of Whitney Houston, whom prior to this documentary, you’d only know as a talented singer and actress who threw it all away. In truth, life is never as straight forward and simple from the outset. I highly recommend this documentary, even if you are not a Whitney Houston fan. It’s a cautionary tale that’s worth seeing.