The Devil’s Doorway – a 16mm found footage, ’60s style

There was a Q&A with the director Aislinn Clarke after the midnight screening of this movie at the IFC in NYC last night. She was more than happy to answer any and all questions threw at her by the viewing public, whether they are mundane or inquisitive. She mentioned the budget of this movie was around 224 thousand US dollars (the movie is an Irish production). I have to say, it was a very effective use of that money and although it’s not a trailblazer in terms of story telling, I was genuinely entertained and creeped out on certain moments in the movie. I’d say mission accomplished in the account of a servicable horror movie. The movie was presented entirely in a square format with real grain texture that can only be produced by a 16mm films, which is what this movie was shot on. The special effect was low key and organic which blended well to the movie. The casts were terrific and had that genuine ordinary people feel to it.
What is most impressive and made the movie that much suspenseful was the top notch sound of this movie. Overall, this is a decent horror movie that will keep horror fans entertained until the next good scary flick comes around.