The Equalizer 2 – Denzel is back for some more ass-whooping

I always confused the first Equalizer with Denzel’s other, more superior actioneer MAN ON FIRE. After watching this sequel, I went back to refresh myself of what the original Equalizer is about by rewatching it over. I have to say, I wasn’t keen on the first Equalizer because I thought it was taking advantage on the Bourne Trilogy success formula and make this movie in that style of action movie where many of the actions were implied or done with jittery quick cuts. It did not help that the movie poster of the first Equalizer was designed to look like a sequel to SIN CITY. Now that 4 years had passed and this sequel dropped out of nowhere, It now manages to stand on it’s own. Carrying over from the first Equalizer, Denzel’s Robert McCall character still has his OCD quirks, and two side characters from the first movie also showed up here. The villains this time around are just as dangerous and formidable as the first one, and even more so because they knew Robert McCall well and anticipated his every move.
That made for a suspenseful final showdown indeed. Director Antoine Fuqua is back to direct this sequel and he added some domestic mentor and apprentice drama in this movie to ground the storyline. The final product is a better version than the first installment and not a bad way to spend 2 hours of your life watching. Not bad for a movie that is a spin off from an obscure ’80s tv serie.