Mission Impossible: Fallout – best action movie since… the last MI

The IMF gang is back to save the world, again. If you are a fan of MI franchise, you have been itching to watch this movie since the first official trailer came out. The actual movie did not disappoint and up the ante in terms of the exciting stunts sequences and big fight scenes performed in total. Then there is the chase scene to end all chase scenes took place at Paris’ Arc de Triomphe by Tom Cruise himself, riding on a motorcycle, in top speed, against traffic, sans helmet. Oh, did I mention the incredible fight scene in the bathroom that rival any chinese actioneer sequences? Yeah, that fight choreography is so good, I thought I was watching a modern chinese martial art movie!
Somehow during the making of Mission Impossible III, director JJ Abrams, Cruise and Co found a formula that rejuvenated the franchise. They keep improving on that formula to keep the franchise fresh and able to crank out superior action flick one MI sequel at a time in a steady frequency. Even if you are not a fan of Tom Cruise, you have to admire this movie for it’s superbly executed suspenseful sequences, incredible stunt sets, and the eye popping, nerve wracking big finale that top it all off. There is a reason this movie receive a ton of glowing reviews and very high rotten tomato scores, folks. It’s a very well crafted piece of action adventure movie that will keep you thrilled on the edge of your seat for the full 147 minutes. Well done, Cruise and Co, well done indeed.