Scotty and the secret history of Hollywood – the rumors are all true.

I went to the screening of this movie where the director came out at the end of the movie for a brief Q&A and let me tell you, there are so much more lurid anecdotes told during the Q&A that can’t be fit into this already scandalous and revealing documentary. This documentary started taking place when the actual book that Scotty Bowers wrote was still in the manuscript format, so technically this is not based on that particular best seller confessional book about the gay and lesbian actors and actresses who were in the closet back in the 50s and 60s. It is amazing to see how gullible the general public were at that time when the glossy press declared Cary Grant and Randolph Scott, two fully grown adult who were living together for so many years, were just casual room mates.
Then there’s Catherine Hepburn’s rumor being a lesbian and the studio PR machine set her up with Spencer Tracy as a couple having a love affair specifically to evade said rumor. This documentary laid bare the actual sexual preference of almost every big name in Hollywood at that time and then some.
If you love Hollywood star’s gossip, you will eat this documentary up like nobody’s business.
By the way, if you live in NYC, Scotty Bowers himself and director Matt Tyrnauer will be in 3 of the Saturday (August 4th) showings and another 3 of the Sunday’s (August 5th) showings to conduct Q&A after the screening of the documentary. So head over to IFC theatre on Sixth ave and west 3rd street if you want to meet them and enjoy the Q&A, which I am sure will be very entertaining and packed with juicy anecdotes.