Slender Man – what a time waster

Do not waste your time on this terrible movie. Something terrible must have happened in the editing room because some foreboding cuts seen in the first trailer of this movie never showed up in the actual movie. The first trailer to this movie get an A grade from me. It was like a scary Nice Inch Nail music video directed by David Fincher. The real movie couldn’t be any further than that. It’s movie like this that make me appreciate good horror flick like HEREDITARY because good ones are hard to come by. The cinema is peppered with inferior wannabes like this one. I did not find any scene in this movie scary at all. I can sense all the instances where the director “think” some scenes he set up in the movie will put the scare in the audiences. NOT!
Oh how I love to see the original R rated cut of the movie before it was butchered in the editing room and turn into this PG-13 big snore for the sake of trying to sell more ticket by appealing to the Y.A. crowd. It ended up looking like a movie that was made by someone who try to copy some key moments from other inferior horror movies and group them into an 88 minutes film reels. I’m out.