BlacKkKlansman – Spike Lee back in top form

It’s been over a decade since Spike lee put out anything significant that’s not some digital experimental flick. The BlacKkKlansman started off with Alec Baldwin in full character spewing hateful speech and cut to John David Washington, Denzel Washington’s son, going to the police station to interview for a job. Things move slowly at first and Spike spent the first 25 minutes with some scenes that should be left on the editing floor to tighten up the pace. I mean 5 minutes spent on a subpar dancing scene is really a drag for a movie with an important topic such as this. Thankfully, the movie get interesting and the pacing turned fluid from then on. There are some light comedic moments but make no mistake, this is a political movie at heart. Spike wouldn’t let the audience off without showing footage from Charlottesville to drive home the present day rise in racism and hate groups in America.