Mile 22 – short but full of hardcore action scenes

The story is simple but most spy action movies are best when they are not overcomplicating the narrative. That’s why the Bourne franchise is so exciting to watch as oppose to Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. If a movie that is going to throw you rapid fire action back to back, the storyline should take a back seat in service of the exhilarating sequences. Mile 22 rate a cut above you regular western spy action flick because it cast the Indonesia martial art star Iko Uwais as one of the lead. With him on board, you better be sure director Peter Berg take full advantage of his martial art skills and shot some vicious hand to hand combat that will keep you clenching your jaws watching them. The entire movie is an excuse to blow things up, rain bullets, and showcase some impressive hand to hand combats courtesy of Mr. Uwais. If you have seen his outstanding fight skills in movies such as THE SIEGE and THE SIEGE 2, you will not be dissappointed here. The ending is also left open for a sequel should this movie make a decent profit or become one of those cult favorite like John Wick. Director Peter Berg did mention in one of the press interview that this movie is the first installment of a planned trilogy.