Crazy Rich Asians – surprisingly watchable

I am all for the race inclusions in Hollywood and applaud Warner Brothers for green lighting a movie with all Asian cast. What I don’t like is the aggressive marketing to point out that fact. As if that’s the best part of the movie; the fact that it was made at all and the fact that it’s all Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club some 25 years ago. So with great resistance I went into see this movie, having read a few things about how this is based on a best seller and how the author turned down a massive amount of life changing money offered by Netflix to buy the rights to the books in favor of a major theatrical release because he felt he owe it to the fans of the book to get it made as a feature film. Well, after seeing the movie, I have to say, it is a very beautifully shot film that surprisingly entertaining and touching at times. Big props to Constance Wu and Henry Golding for having great chemistry. As you probably much aware right now, a rom com is nothing without great chemistry among it’s leads. And both leads here definitely have chemistry, loads of it. I am also not familiar with Akwafina aside from her small role in Ocean’s Eight. But this girl stole every single scene she’s in and it’s a very good thing. She livened up the movie and provide the needed comic relieve. Another stand out supporting cast is Gemma Chan who play the character Astrid. She is another character who you can’t take your eyes off when she filled the screen. She has an extra scene during end-credit mid-roll, so look out for that.
For those who thought this society of super rich Asian people only exist in books and movie, let me tell you, I have knows many of them and had a couple of childhood friends who are from these kind of families. They are just as the movie portrayed, very traditional and strictly adhere to their cultural heritage. Yes, like most rom com, this movie is escapist fantasy. But aren’t all movie genres except for documentary a form of escapist fantasy? If you are put off by a movie because there is no sense of realism in it, you are depriving yourself in some fun entertainment that let you escape your daily grind for a couple hours. When I watch a rom com, I just hope that the movie don’t have as much cheesy, cringeworthy moments or dialogues. Fortunately, Crazy Rich Asian managed to swerve off those cringeworthy moments, but just barely.