Searching – ingenious, Original, and just plain AMAZING!

Finally, this Sundance audience award winner opens to the public this Thursday night. The ingenuity packed into the storytelling conceit in this movie is mind blowingly clever. The audience who are already savvy to the digital communication technology feel immediately familiar and are in on the jokes. The social media apps are the main arena where the story unfolds, the computers and phones are no longer mere devices, they are the important characters in the movie. They are the tools of narrative medium. This is the grand example that ingenious script always trumps expensive special effects and fancy cinematography, hands down. The trailer is clever not to spoil any twist and turn in the movie, and believe me there are plenty of those.
Actor John Cho landed the role of a lifetime in this film and director Aneesh Chaganty has a bright future ahead of him. Hats off also to producer Timur Bekmambetov for putting together these powerhouse talents. Debra Messing rounded up this amazing casts and the glue that connect the pieces of the puzzle. Go see this movie at your earliest convenience. It is truly worth your while.