KIN – small movie, big ambitions

I know going into this movie that this will be a small budget sci fi movie much like UPGRADE. You will notice in the trailer that the costume, the effects, and the actors are all hinting at the modern B movie with low budget financing. It’s a template that’s currently popular with small movie studios because movie like these are profitable since it’s fast to re-coupe the budget and start to turn a profit afterwards. I know going in there will be very few action sequences due to limited budget so the script will pad it with lots of drama and dialogue. My intuition is right this time around. It’s a slow movie with hardly any action until the very end. But it’s not to say that this is a terrible movie. I didn’t expect a non-stop action movie so I did not feel cheated and get exactly what I come to watch. There is a revelation at the finale that this movie is a seed that is being planted for the possible future epic blockbuster follow up, if this movie does well and have a cult following. I want to point out that the first TERMINATOR and the first MATRIX movies started this way. They started as a modest budget scifi with original storylines and main characters that connect with the viewer. This film was made in that same path. Let’s hope it gather enough traction to spawn a sequel because as of right now, the cinemas showing it are not even half full.