The Nun – we got a winner

During the screening of The Nun that I attended, the screams from the audiences came early and carried on almost consistently throughout the movie. Halfway through the movie, the audiences forgo polite stifled screams and belted out full on screams at every jump-off-your-seat moment presented themselves. This Conjuring franchise really got legs. Thanks to James Wan who understand the crucial wireframe of a good horror story.
1. cohesive story telling
2. solid back story
3. Not letting elaborate CGI ruin the believability of the scene ( take note The Ring 2)
4. Plenty of jump off your seat moments through misdirections.
This movie checked all those requirements, thanks for the solid script by James Wan, the modern horror masetro himself.  The Nun started with the prologue with the beginning of The Conjuring 2 when the Nun’s painting was first introduced, and ended in full circle to the beginning of the first Conjuring where the Warrens were giving a lecture to the Harvard University students.
It’s also a stroke of casting genius to cast Taissa Varmiga, the real sister of Vera Varmiga who play Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring 1 and 2.  Her familiar face remind the audience of the Lorraine Warren character and make us wonder if there is a relation between the two that will be revealed on future franchise.
The Nun moved in slow pace but make no mistake, there is not a single dull moment throughout the movie. It was impeccably paced, relentless in it’s jump scare moments, and is a serious contender in being a new horror classic. Go see it and be scare shitless throughout the film.