Peppermint – terrible title for an action flick

The title conjures up in mind a holistic plant, a breath freshener, or a tooth paste flavor, not a kick ass heroine that Jennifer Garner portrayed in this movie. Yes, there is a thinly-veiled reason this word exist in the film. That reason is to inject sentimentality into an otherwise violent movie filled with rampant killings on the second half of the movie. The second half of the movie reminded me of the much more superior The Long Kiss Goodnight,  another housewife-turned-heroine assassin movie starring Geena Davis and Samuel L Jackson, with a more plausible premise and convincing performance as a kick ass assassin by Geena Davis. Peppermint is directed by Pierre Morel, who rejuvenated the career of Liam Neeson by putting him in Taken. That’s why you see the implausibility chart goes through the roof in fight scenes and movie timeline in this movie. Much like Liam Neeson was able to knock out an assailant bigger than him with just one bare hand chop on the shoulder, Jennifer Garner is bestowed with that same magical ability to fight off and kill her assailants with ease until she met the big bad wolf who killed her family. No spoiler here, that dead family premise was presented front and center in the trailer of Peppermint. There certainly is a built-in audience for this type of action-escapism thanks to movies like Taken, and Jennifer Garner is definitely a much better choice to cast as the heroine compare to her other contemporaries say, Gwyneth Paltrow or Amy Adams. After all, she already laid her resume groundwork for any future action flicks with her earlier starring role in the tv serie Alias.