The Predator – aka: Shane Black killed the franchise

To show you how out of touch the Hollywood studio head honchos are with the audiences for their flagpole franchise movie, they hired a scriptwriter and director with the penchant for scripting chatty action movies, to write and direct an otherwise moody, atmospheric sci fi, and turned it into a noisy, incoherent actioneer filled with very, VERY annoying characters that do not connect with audiences. It’s definitely not an improvement like the press release and an overwhelming trivia information posted on IMDB led to you believe. I walked into the movie feeling excited to see a supposedly cool retooling of the Predator franchise and by about 40 minutes into the movie, I could not wait for the movie to either take a turn and redeem itself, or leave the cinema altogether. I stuck with the movie  hoping that it would get better. It did not. Because by then, the movie had turned into a runaway train heading to a big collision of awfulness. This movie is full of:
– continuity inconsistencies
– plot holes
– bad and annoying dialogues
– characters with really, really annoying quirks
– unexplained appearance and dissappearance characters in the movie (The pitbull and sudden, unexplained appearance of Olivia Munn’s character in the space ship during the final battle)
Basically, this movie felt like it was written by a coked out writer who wrote it during one of his 24 hours drug frenzy.
I think the studio knew this based on the reception they received after the movie first screened at TFF and pivot the publicity to focus on that Olivia Munn’s incident where she reported to the studio the fact that the movie production hired a registered sex offender to act in the movie. They can not push for other angles of publicity for this movie after realizing they had just spent US$88 millions (where did all that money go? Definitely not on the God awful CGI effects) on a train wreck with a very high probability of effectively killing a lucrative franchise.