White Boy Rick – gritty and depressing

After being hounded by this movie’s trailer on every single movie I watched on the cinema in the last two months, to the point that I ended up despising the trailer with a passion, the actual movie finally opens in cinema this weekend. White Boy Rick is a raw portrayal of the bleak residents who lived in the super depressing Detroit neighborhood who have nothing to look forward to except surviving their daily existence and avoid being randomly killed by their residence drug pushers or low life gangsters. The casting of the un-photogenic first-time actor Richie Merritt as White Boy Rick add to the authenticity and grittiness to the movie, and the widely publicized fact that Mr Merritt was plucked from his high school’s headmaster’s office to star in a big Hollywood production also help the BTS mythology of the movie. Actress Bel Powley also add to the grittiness of the movie as the drug-addicted sister of White Boy Rick. Actor Matthew McConaughey have to really wreck his good look by making himself paunchy and looking like he’s been having a bad day throughout the shoot, to blend in with the entire homely looking cast to look authentic in his role as the father of White Boy Rick. And it works! This movie take you through a day of the life of the Detroit low lives and you came out feeling blessed to be living your current, non-dangerous lives. Who would’ve thunk it, just by stunt-casting an unknown, homely looking teenager as the lead, this movie achieved it’s realistic, depressingly raw vibe. It also show that once convicted, you will achieve nothing by collaborating with the FBI if you are trying to get a leniency in your sentence. Just say no to the offer of collaboration from the FBI, that’s one of the main take away I learned from this movie. It’s not a movie for everyone on every occasion, but if you are in the mood for a gritty, based on real life movie, this depressing flick will satisfy your craving.