The House with a Clock in Its Wall – Eli Roth goes big budget with uneven result

I want to make this short and sweet. I think Eli Roth is a talented horror director and his movies are all low budget and always make a profit. His business model is now widely copied by new filmmakers who make low budget sci fi or horror movie that will go on and reap massive profit due to low overhead in the production of those movies. This is probably his first big budget, first family friendly film, and first movie starring a powerhouse, bonafide movie stars like Kate Blanchett and Jack Black. His penchant for horror show up a few times in this film, which make it not really a kid-friendly movie because a few jolt-worthy scenes will give kids nightmares. Having said that, this movie started very slow and despite it’s quite short run time, could use even more trim in the editing room. The first half hour of the movie can be cut out and you will still enjoy the latter half of the movie without diminish enjoyment because all the best special effect and suspenseful bits at at the last 20 minutes of the movie.