A Star Is Born – a worthy remake for this generation

This movie is designed to be a tear jerker but I have a feeling everyone going into this movie is expecting it. And boy did the audiences get their wish. Bradley Cooper did an amazing job as a first time director. He managed to tread lightly on the emotionally intense scenes and expertly build up the sense of excitement on the concert stage scenes. But most of all, he managed to breath some fresh air in this love and lost storyline that has been told three times before. That is a daunting task and Bradley Cooper accomplished it with flying colors. Lady Gaga was a revelation as a bonafide actress who more than held her own in this film. The one thing I felt that could be more authentic is if the filmmaker cast an actual unknown actress who could really sing for the role of Ally. It would make many scenes in this movie more thrilling to audiences. But I understand that’s a tall order because no studio would ever green light a movie like this without a big star attached.  After all, box office profit is the key decision in getting anything made in Hollywood. This movie is perfectly cast with incredible chemistry between the leads, filled with terrific songs, and packed a whopper of an ending. All the ingredient you want in an entertaining movie.