Venom – entertaining but w/ underwhelming CGI

I wish the filmmakers for Venom did a better job with this movie. I don’t know what went on behind the scene but I had a feeling that they rushed this movie to completion to meet the deadline set by the studio. Or they under estimated the budget needed to make the CGI of Venom look more awesome. Or they just contracted the CGI company with mediocre talented efx supervisor on the helm. There are many elements that made this movie not as good as it could have been. The CGI of the Venom creature reminded me of the CGI of Spawn from the ’90s. That’s how dated the creature’s effect almost look. The studio should QC the EFX company to figure out a way to make the creature look cooler before embarking on this project. In any case, that’s just one of the problem with the movie. The second problem is Venom need a more formidable villain. The third problem, a more thrilling and improved final fight sequence is needed. I could go on but here’s my final thought: this movie feel like it only reached 70% of it’s potential. They should really think through the big picture and assembled all the right elements before jumping into the making of Venom.