Studio 54 – a nothing-new docu about the club

The only appeal to this documentary is that all the rumors and news bites you’ve read about Studio 54 was confirmed by Ian Schrager in person.
The hotelier impresario mogul was pardoned by Obama before he left office in 2017 so he is free to divulge anything about studio 54 and will never be convicted for any crime that took place during his tenure in the fame club.
Unfortunately for the viewers, there are no new information or juicy personal tidbits to accoumpany this documentary. Even all the photographs shown here were the ones that have been seen in the media or on the many curated gallery photo shows about the ’70s hedonism era. Much like Lauren Greenfield’s GENERATION WEALTH, this documentary feel like a promotional companion to the newly released Studio 54 coffee table book. Not a piece of hard hitting piece of journalistic documentary that’s filled with new information or never before seen film footage or images. If you’ve been to that club during it’s heyday and want to relive your clubbing day, by all means, this film is for you. If you are looking for something extra, I’d save your money and watch it on your in-flight entertainment.