Can You Ever Forgive Me? – depressing but very watchable

Melissa McCarthy break her typecasting mold in this dramatic turn as the real-life writer Lee Israel whose notoriety in forgery got her busted by the FBI. Based on the true story and a depressing chapter in the life of writer Lee Israel, this movie started on the most depressing part of Lee’s life when she was flat broke and about to be driven out of her apartment with her sick cat. Although the subject matter and the tone of the film is not for everyone but indie movie fans will love the movie. Although the impoverished life of the main character is depressing to watch, many can relate to her hardship because who didn’t experience tough time at some point in their lives. Richard E Grant as the cheerful scoundrel of a friend of Lee Israel,  stole every scene he’s in and his sunny disposition made the movie a little less depressing to watch. Overall, this slow tempo movie is surprisingly watchable with no boring moment throughout the movie. I am sure Melissa McCarthy going to be nominated for a Golden Globe for this movie. But she had to campaign hard if she is aiming for an oscar nomination.